Fire Clip

Fireclip is a social video CMS that allows you to create and edit instant video highlights from a live linear television broadcast. This micro-moments are published on a proprietary player and on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and subsequently distributed on social networks.

The system also integrates full tools for copyright management on YouTube, Facebook and other distribution platforms. Thus, it allows granular control of blocking and monetization policies.

As Software-as-a-Service, Fire Clip can be operated by clients directly or by the NED publishing team, which has ample experience in real-time development of audiences for 12 TV networks across LATAM.

Fire Stream

NED gives its clients their own players, with DVR functionality, which allows users to freeze and rewind a live stream, select fragments of a broadcast and share links on the moment of interest on social networks.

Optionally, the player is integrated into a broader real-time content publishing framework: a live blog that is updated based on push notification, allowing users to review significant moments in the recent past, together with associated content cards extracted from the social networks and the external ecosystem of the web.

Fire App

Fire App is a social video application, available for use as a White Label product, which plays the live programming of a television station or a specific event and allows viewers to rewind and fast-forward the live video stream, select a fragment of interest and share the new selected video on social networks immediately.