NED provides a complete technology and services solution for the owners of video contents that allows them to:

  • Expand their digital audiences on a global scale.

  • Defend their rights

  • Develop new revenue flows

NED simplifies the distribution of live and on-demand content and allows the development of large-scale audiences in the fragmented world of online video.

Our cloud-based platform provides a simple solution under the logic of “upload once, distribute everywhere,” which allows large inventory volumes to be attained and makes their monetization possible.

We are building the leading Latin American Multi-Platform Network so publishers, rights owners and creators can unleash the true potential of online video.




1. We distribute content and create video inventory.

We transform content developed for linear TV into video optimized for the Internet.  Our cloud-based software allows us to distribute on a massive scale, in real time and at a low cost.


2. We expand your audiences

By connecting your contents with the main social platforms, we multiply the audience that truly watches your online videos .  We make a publisher’s audiences grow threefold by adding content under its brand.


3. We manage your rights

We manage the digital copyright of content owners. By maximizing their monetization, we create new revenue flows on YouTube and other platforms.